LC Membuat GRAMMAR yang Menakutkan Jadi So EASY – Attira Dennova, Pekanbaru

testimoni kampung inggris
testimoni kampung inggris
Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh ?

Hallo ! ? how are you today? First, i want to introduce my self. My name is Attira Dennova you can call me Tira, i’m from man 2 Pekanbaru ❤ yoo man 2 mana suaranyaaa… ? @man2modelpekanbaruand i’m from international class @insight.class .

On 5th august 2018 me, my friends from @insight.class and our teacher mr dermawan will go to PARE. Pare is in the area of java island, we goes to pare for Learning English but, Mr Dermawan didn’t study there, he just drove us to Pare. We gathered in the morning at the airport of Sultan Syarif Qasim 2 in Pekanbaru. We didn’t transit, but we immediately flew to Surabaya. When we arrived in Surabaya, we are picked up from the djuanda airport in the afternon and will go to Pare by bus.
We were immediately picked up by the LC parties, they are Miss Sri and Mr Hendi. The first time I met them, they were very humble.  Oh yea guys, Pare has many english language institutions, LC is one of the english learning institutions in Pare. LC stands for “Language Center”.
When we arrived in pare, we put our things in the room. The girls stay at Cordoba House, and the boy stay in LC Camp. In the afternoon, we delivered by Mr Morgan to rental bicycle. As you know, in Pare most of them use bicycle. In the evening we were gathered for a welcoming party. In the event, we were given a schedule to study for a month.
We take full service program in LC. LC have 6 programs, they are Intensive, full service, traveling, holiday, toefl, and english master. We learn 6 times in LC, first is morning class, in the morning class we learn with mr morgan, we learn about 40 vocab in a day and we must tell about the vocab to mr morgan.
The second is speaking class, speaking class start from 8 am until 9.30 am. We learn speaking class with mr Prass, Mr Prass is funny person, he always make fun study.
The third is grammar study. waww, grammar? every time we hear the word about grammar, the first thing we remember the grammar is always full of words, full blackboard, bored, and creepy. But, NO guys!! GRAMMAR IS EASY, that’s word is always said by miss Vika.
Don’t worry guys, in LC we will not be bored of learning, because in lc we are allowed to study outside. so every time we learn grammar we don’t get bored. The point is grammar is easy ?✌
The fourth is pronunciation class. pronunciation class is start from 2 pm until 3.30 pm.we learn pronunciation with Mr Bayu. Pronunciation is how we say or produce sounds from words.
The fifth is speaking class. speaking class start from 4 pm until 5.30 pm. We learn speaking class in afternoon with Mr maki. yeah i think mr maki is a cool man, he always call me “a little” Mr maki can make the afternoon class not bored, because he always open the class with game, with student class, or ask me about something.
The six is night class. in the night class we start from 6.30 pm until 7.30 pm. the night class is for fun study, we can debat, speaking, and etc. the night class is like the photo i posted, we can go to cafe.
Basically I really recommend LC for those of you who want to study in the English Pare village. Why? because the teacher’s LC isn’t boring, you can study with happines, and every time you must speak in english, if we speak in bahasa we can get punishment and we must pay every word what we say. im very enjoyed in LC.
Thank you LC ❤
” LC? Makes Everyone Speak”.
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testimoni kampung inggris

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